Rania Hammoud

Coaching Services

I believe life coaching is a peer-to-peer relationship with my client. It is there to support everyone and is mainly intended to assist people who are doing well in life but feel like there is more to achieve and want to work every day on being happier, growing and reaching their goals. As a life coach, I perceive each client as a complete person and I have never considered sessions as a tool to “fix” any of them. During our time together l just equip them (you) with the necessary tools to make progress in the desired direction.

My coaching services include helping my clients with the challenges they are facing in their private and professional life (difficult relationships, career changes, business development, etc). My special fields of interest include helping with difficulties you are facing when moving to a new environment and providing advice and emotional support for parents (or caregivers) of a special-needs person, myself being a parent of a child with special-needs .

As I want to be present for everyone in need, I have enabled one-on-one online sessions, as well as in person sessions (whenever this is possible). I can conduct sessions in English, Arabic or French. Sessions are held once per week or on a bi-weekly basis. In between sessions, I am available to my clients by emails as much, and as often as they need.