Rania Hammoud

Mentoring Services
Services for everyone aspiring to be a (better) life coach.

During my coaching journey I was a witness of a change professional support makes in a client’s life. Being aware that with the immense influence we have also an immense responsibility, I’ve decided to dedicate a part of my time to growing and perfecting the life coaching profession by working with coaches in their continuous development.

Since becoming a registered Coach Mentor with ICF, I’ve helped many other coaches to acquire or renew their ICF credentials and have also provided guidance to the ones starting and developing their careers. In order to become a top-notch professional in this nowadays very competitive industry, it is essential to provide quality service to each of your clients. So, if you are just starting, transfer of knowledge and skills from a practiced coach is an efficient way to achieve that.

As a mentor coach, I patiently and thoroughly work with my mentee on acquiring required coaching skills. We discuss all important aspects of life coaching, dedicating special time to the areas of primary interest of the mentee, and together we develop plans for future career focus and growth. I also observe coaching sessions of theirs and provide direct feedback with clear guidelines for improvement. I receive AED 500 per mentoring session that includes listening to the coaching session (audio of 30-40 min), a performance report and a discussion of observations. Reach out for a free 20-min chemistry call and see if I am the mentor for you!

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